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Solution Manual for Fundamentals of Wireless Communication by David Tse & Pramod Viswanath

Name: Fundamentals of Wireless Communication
Author: David Tse & Pramod Viswanath

Table of Content:

Chapter 2-The Wireless Channel

Chapter 3-Point-to-Point Communication

Chapter 4-Cellular Systems: Multiple Access and Interference Management

Chapter 5-Capacity of Wireless Channels

Chapter 6-Multiuser Capacity and Opportunistic Communication

Chapter 7-MIMO I: Spatial Multiplexing and Channel Modeling

Chapter 8-MIMO II: Capacity and Multiplexing Architectures

Chapter 9-MIMO III: Diversity-Multiplexing Tradeo® and Universal Space-Time

Chapter 10-MIMO IV: Multiuser Channels

Appendix A: Detection and Estimation in Additive Gaussian Noise

Appendix B:  Information Theory Background

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